Dentist Mandeville Helps Patients Overcome Dental Phobia

Phobia cure refers to the process of getting rid of your worst fears. Phobias may not necessarily be confined to fear of heights or of pitch darkness. Going to a dentist for a checkup can be equally terrifying for people who suffer from a phobia of receiving treatment for dental problems. Dental procedures can be quite painful, if not done carefully. In most cases, the cause of this phobia is past experiences. Bleeding gums, post-treatment pain are some of the reasons why people want to avoid visiting a dentist until there is a major problem like a bad toothache or a tooth swelling.

Phobia of dental treatment is also alternatively known as dentophobia, dental anxiety or odontophobia. Women and children are the ones who mostly suffer from this fear. Most of us want to avoid any invasive dental procedure. As far as regular checkups are concerned, they are not as scary as the former. A state of phobia is a mental setup and the causes that lead to it may be many. Hearing a description of such a traumatic dental experience from another person may lead an individual to develop cold feet. The portrayal of such experiences in the popular media in a negative light doesn’t help much. More than anything else, a phobia is a state of mind. People often cannot help themselves from thinking in a negative manner. This worsens the overall condition and patients are not in their best frame of mind when they go for treatment.

Phobias treatment is necessary when the patient thinks of the dentist chamber as a torture cell. That is why this dentist Mandeville prefers to apply behavioral strategies as part of the counseling sessions before administering the treatment. The technique of positive reinforcement is used to get rid of the patient’s phobia.

During a dental phobia treatment that involves behavioral techniques, this dentist explains the various aspects of the treatment in a simplistic manner; and gives a demonstration of the steps and then begins the actual treatment. This mode of phobia treatments was originally developed to help children get rid of their fears regarding a dental procedure.

Support from friends and family can also act as phobia cures. We trust our families and friends and therefore a word of support from them can go a long way in getting rid of the fear. They can convince us of the fact that the treatment would progress without any obstacle and prove to be beneficial.

A phobia is mostly caused as a result of suffering unbearable pain. There are numerous painkillers available in the market which can take care of it. Mild sedation will not let the patient experience such pain. It will be a phobia cure for life and you will not avoid visiting the dentist in the future. For the best possible care, make your dental appointment at

Dr. Grand’s patience and expertise will assist you in overcoming any type of dental phobia that you may be experiencing.


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